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Silver Bangle Making Workshop

Learn how to make a textured silver bangle in this fun and informative 3 hour class. Perfect for beginners.


Each student will be guided through the process of making a sterling silver bangle using hand tools and jewellery making equipment in a choice of different styles. Under the guidance of your tutor you will learn the following skills - 

  • annealing (heating)

  • forming (hammering and shaping)

  • soldering

  • sizing

  • texturing

  • filing

  • papering (finishing process)

  • polishing


The class will be a duration of up to 3 hours. Our experienced tutor will provide you with everything you need on the path to producing your desired pieces. Prior to the class we will send you a welcome letter and induction form via email. This will contain all the things you will need for the day.


We look forward to meeting you.

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